Lead Generation System

Lead Generation System

A Lead Generation System is the online marketing tool you need to attract customers and help them to say yes to the benefits of your offer. You have a great product or service that can help so many people, right? You are ready to start offering your product or service, online, but you have a tight budget. Well using a lead generation system is the ideal way for entrepreneurs with little to no money to get started. Relax and take a deep breath. You are on the right website, at the right time. Let us set up your lead generation system and build your first conversion path with the goal of attracting your ideal customers and showing them what you have for them. A conversion path consists of web pages designed to peak interest, tell your audience whats in your offer for them, tell them what to do to get your offer, and a way for you to deliver the goods.

Your Lead Generation System will include:

  • Your Landing Page (where you tell your audience how your product will benefit them).
  • Your Call-To-Action (where you tell your audience to download or to make a purchase).
  • Web form (to collect vistor's email addresses & contact info)
  • Your Thank You page (where you deliver the goods and offer more goodies).


In order to set up your Lead Generation System you will need the following online resources:

  1. Domain name
  2. Domain Email Addresses
  3. Web Hosting
  4. SSL Certificate
  5. Email Marketing Software

You will also need human resources to set everything up for you, unless you know how to do-it-yourself. The good news is even though you may know how to do-it-yourself, you do not have to. You can save time and let me do-it-for-you, while you focus on what you do to make your money. Besides, you will make my day, because I love to do things like this to help my clients get started with making their offers avaible on the Internet. Now, I bet you are wondering how many arms, legs and future children this is going to cost you, right? Well, believe it or not you will only be charged $397.00 for a full year of service.

That right you will get 1 full year for your domain name, 1 full year for your domain email addresses, 1 full year for your web hosting, 1 full year for your SSL certificate and 1 full year for your email marketing software. In addition, I will set everything up, I will register your domain, set up your domain email addresses, install & customize your lead generation system, install your SSL certificate, set up your email marketing software to work with your domain, install your web form (for collecting emails), set up your automated emails (up to three) and write the content for your splash page, landing page and thank you page. Well worth the $397, right.

This set up is for one product or service offer. However, if you want to add other product and service offers, since your Lead Generation System is installed on a Content Management System (CMS), unlimited offers can be added. For each additional offer you want to add, you will not need to pay for the online resources (domain name, domain email addresses, web hosting, SSL certificate and email marketing software again. You will only need to pay for the human resources to write the content for your splash page, landing page and thank you page, to install your web form (for collecting emails), and to set up your automated emails (up to three) for each new offer. That means you only pay $197 for each new product or service offer you want to add to your Lead Generation System. Within your niche, imagine how many products and services you can build a path for your ideal customers to find the solutions they are looking for. Imagine how many people you will be able to help.

Plus, as your personal Lead Generation System Consultant, you get access to me by phone. I like talking to clients on the phone. In fact, I used to earn a living providing customer service over the phone. Yes, I have the gift of gab, along with many other gifts. The good things about my gifts is they are meant to help others solve their problems and accomplish their goals. Now let's get started, just click the below button to schedule an appointment for your Lead Generation System consultation. Talk with you soon!